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Awaken the Learner - By Darrell Scott & Dr Robert Marzano

Awaken the Learner - By Darrell Scott & Dr Robert Marzano

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The book starts with a note from Darrell Scott; a plea to consider that the answers to the complex challenges of school violence and better education are not a mystery, but may be found in the wisdom of revered educators whose work provided the philosophy and framework upon which the early American education system was constructed. These principles are then interpreted with research backed, practical applications from Dr. Robert Marzano, one of today's leading education authorities.

Create a compassionate, caring school environment. Examine how a change in teaching philosophy can help awaken the passion for learning in students. Learn how to promote kindness in the classroom, and understand the power of stories in engaging students. Explore research-based strategies to enhance teacher-student and peer relationships. Discover how to inspire purpose, reach students’ hearts, and cultivate student security, identity, and belonging.

Additional classroom resources are also available to help apply the strategies in Awaken the Learner.

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