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Since the Columbine tragedy, poets, artists, songwriters and musicians have been inspired by the story of Rachel Scott. They have written composed and drawn beautiful tributes to Rachel's life of compassion and kindness and how she affected their lives. Now Rachel's Challenge shares some of their inspiration with you.
The release of these songs in a variety of genres and from songwriters and artists across the U.S. marks another celebration of how Rachel's goal to "start a chain reaction of kindness" is being fulfilled. These songs embody the philosophy Rachel believed in and encourages everyone to be intentional about looking for the good in every person and situation.
 Share these songs with your friends and encourage them to be part of Rachel's chain reaction of kindness and compassion.
This product is the copyrighted property of Rachel's Challenge and is being provided for your use only. Any copying, reproduction, rebroadcasting, sharing, or any other use of this product without prior written consent from Rachel's Challenge is strictly prohibited.
 "CHAIN REACTION"  Pop/R&B - Alice Issac featuring Poet Ali
"ONE SPARK"   Pop/Country - Written By Ellora Latin featuring Kristi Krings
"LINK UP!"  Hip Hop - The Littleague featuring Neil McIntyre
"HOPE FOR THE HOPELESS"  (ELEVEN) indie/Rock - Have You Heard
"RACHEL'S ANTHEM"  Pop/Contemporary - Rachel Scott (Omaha, Nebraska)
"BREAK ME"  Rap/Rock - L Featuring Poet Ali
"WHO I AM"  Pop/Country - Katie Belle Akin
"LIGHT UP THE DARKNESS"  HIP HOP/ R&B - Poet Ali featuring Angela Bartys
"BREAK ME Unplugged"

 Rap/Rock - Poet Ali

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